While it is said that money can’t buy everything, however, to buy most things people need money. Now having more money is a function of multiple processes: earning more, spending less, saving more, better investing, etc.

While most people are able to earn money (more or less) – however managing money has been difficult for most people because currently, financial education is not mandatory for everyone. Moreover, many of those who do get financial education do not implement it in their personal life.

We are GreatAdvice.in believe that basic financial knowledge is something that everyone should have access to. Hence, we have started this endeavor to deliver personal financial in easy to understand language which can be understood and implemented by everyone irrespective of their financial education.

Most of the blogs are authored by Ravi Maheshwari who is is an IIM ranker with over 9 years of work experience and has helped optimize the financial performance of companies like BPCL, Sun, Ola, Swiggy, and Curefit. To know more about him, do check out his LinkedIn profile.